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 — December 24, 200824 décembre 2008

“Women who serve professionally in ecclesial ministry have much to offer the church and have much to share with one another.” It is with this conviction that the second Women in Ministry gathering will take place at Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal; Centre, Saskatoon, from February 15 to 17, 2009. This year’s gathering takes inspiration from the book “Life of the Beloved” by Henri Nouwen.

The purpose of bringing together ordained and lay women employed in ecclesial ministry of all Christian traditions is to share and celebrate our journeys of faith and of call, to learn from and to support each other. Ministry commitments and responsibilities can have a way of insulating us from one another if we are not intentional about forging connections and encounters.

Facilitated by Marie-Louis Ternier-Gommers, Rev. Amanda Currie, Rev. Debbie Walker, and Elizabeth Nickel. There will be a special guest presenter, Bishop Cindy Halmarson of the ELCIC Saskatchewan Synod.

Pre-registration is required at least two weeks in advance in order to ensure that the program has adequate attendance to proceed.
Register online at Queen’s House, use the Registration form, or phone (306) 242-1916; fax (306) 653-5941; or email

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