Foundations: Exploring our Faith together

 — Mar. 3, 20083 mars 2008

Foundations, “Exploring Our Faith Together” is a faith enrichment program for adults offered by the parishes in Saskatoon’s Roman Catholic diocese during the fall and spring of each year. The cost of each course is $5 per person, per two hour session. High school students: no charge. Anyone is welcome to attend sessions — it is not necessary to be member of the parish organizing the event. Pre-registration is required. A minimum of 15 people is required for the course to run. A partial selection of topics is included below. The complete Foundations schedule for Spring 2008 and contact information is available on the RC diocesan website.

“Zombie Jesus or Resurrected Christ” with Blake Sittler
Holy Spirit Parish, Saskatoon, Monday, March 3, 7:30 pm
Every Sunday we proclaim that we believe in the resurrection of the dead but do we really understand what the resurrection is? Blake will investigate the scriptural, theological, historical and practical aspects of our hoped for glorification.

“Theology of Johnny Cash” with Blake Sittler
St. Patrick Parish Centre, Saskatoon, Wednesday, March 5, 7 pm
Visiting different aspects of Catholic theology using the lyrics of Johnny Cash.

“Spirituality & Social Justice” with Gertrude Rompré
Holy Spirit Parish, Saskatoon, Tuesday, March 11, 7:30 pm
How do we develop a balanced spirituality that includes a commitment to justice? How do we create a balanced activism that remains gospel-centered? This session explores these questions and how we can develop a “faith that does justice.”

“A Funny Thing Happened on my Way Through the Bible” with Blake Sittler
Assumption of Our Lady Parish, Kerrobert, Wednesday, March 12, 7:30 pm
A search for the use of humour in the Old and New Testament and a discussion about the importance of making the Word relevant to people today.

“Interchurch Families” with Shirley & Bernie Karstad
St. Anne Parish, Saskatoon, Wednesday, April 16, 7:30 pm
Interchurch marriages are a particular life situation for many Christians that require special pastoral sensitivity. We will explore the realities of these families which share a baptismal and marital oneness.

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