Feminist Theology, Feminist Art

 — Jan. 30, 200830 janv. 2008

The Friends of Sophia winter programme will begin with a presentation by Dr. Mary Ann Beavis, Professor of New Testament at St. Thomas More College. Mary Ann will explore the relationship between feminist theology and Canadian women’s art, focusing on the work of Bernice Santor, Pnina Granirer and Lilian Broca.
Wed, January 30, 2008, @ 7:30 pm in the St. Andrew’s College Lounge.
Parking is available. Please use the parking circle by the main doors, not the Parking Lot.

The Friends of Sophia is an interdenominational group of women, based at the University of Saskatchewan, dedicated to nurturing Christian feminist spirituality through educational opportunities, shared experience and liturgical celebration. For more information see the Friends of Sophia website.

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