Saskatoon priest resigns over same-sex issue

 — May 1, 20071 mai 2007

Returns licence, calling church’s ban on blessings ‘unjust’

[Anglican Journal] Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck, an Anglican priest in the diocese of Saskatoon who recently declared that he intends to marry gay couples if asked and who was asked by his bishop to reconsider his position by March 31 or risk losing his license to minister, has resigned his position. In the absence of a licence from the bishop, Mr. Sanford Beck is now considered “On leave without permission to officiate,” said Bishop Andrews. In an open letter, Mr. Sanford Beck said the church’s ban on same-sex marriages and blessings “is theologically problematic and fundamentally unjust.” Meanwhile, Bishop Andrews expressed the hope that the decisions on sexuality that will be made at the coming General Synod in June “will not become a church dividing issue, and that we will rise to a new level of acceptance and tolerance.”

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