Why “Reconciliation and Unity”?

 — Mar. 1, 20071 mars 2007

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by Rev. Bernard de Margerie

This title evokes the journey Christian churches are called to undertake, or persevere on, toward full unity or communion (koinonia). Still estranged from each other, churches are called to gospel conversion: to turn around toward each other, humbly recognizing how deeply they belong to each other and together in their rich diversities, as the one and only Body of Christ.

To “reconcile” or “be reconciled” means to “make up” and come together to live a common life of faith, worship and mission in and for God’s world. To pray, grow in understanding and work for the reconciliation of Christians is an act of faithfulness to the people of God, the Body of Christ, the temple of the Holy Spirit. This web page and blog intends to express and serve such an act of faithfulness. (bernard)

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