From chains to freedom: 2007 Week for Racial Justice

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Sunday, March 25th 2007 marks the 200th anniversary of the ending of the slave trade in the British Empire. The abolition law brought to an official end the forced transportation of millions of Africans from their homeland, across the Middle Passage, to the Americas. Canada was part of the British Empire and participated in the practice of slavery. Slavery’s impact continues at the same time as modern forms of slavery are appearing. The struggle is far from over. Enslaved Africans and people of faith led the movement to abolish the slave trade. But the modern form of racism which developed to justify the enslavement of Africans remains a reality in too many of our churches and societies. People of faith need to commit anew to addressing the racism in our churches, our country and our world. The Canadian Ecumenical Anti Racism Network (CEARN) invites churches to commemorate this anniversary by participating in the ongoing journey we must take towards healing, reconciliation and the transformation of our relationships.

Racism is a violation of what it means to be human and of what it means to be the Church. The book of Genesis tells us of a time when God saw the diversity of God’s creation and called it “very good.” As Christians, Christ’s body in the world, we are called to work to eradicate the sin of injustice and exclusion and, with each other in God’s Spirit, to transform broken relationships and to create loving communities in which all are affirmed for our common humanity and all enabled to participate fully. Last year we designated a Week for Racial Justice. Churches requested more time to address the issue, so in 2007 we invite you to join this journey of learning and transformation throughout the year.

Racial Justice resource kit 2007

From Chains to Freedom: Journeying Towards Reconciliation, a packet of materials for parishes, congregations and study groups, will be available in February 2007. It will include worship materials, biblical reflection, educational materials on the slave trade, and the practice of slavery in Canada, children’s resources and much more.

The Canadian Ecumenical Anti Racism Network (CEARN) is part of the Undoing Racism in Canadian Churches Program of the Canadian Council of Churches. All members of the CCC are involved; the network also includes other ecumenical bodies such as the Women’s Inter Church Council of Canada, the Churches’ Forum on Global Ministries, and KAIROS. We invite your use of Journeying towards Reconciliation, and we want to hear about other racial justice work you are doing. CEARN aims to be a connecting point between different churches involved in this work. The work is best shared and supported together, so please be in touch with us. or Toll Free: 1-866-822-7645

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