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 — November 28, 200628 novembre 2006

The 2007 edition of Growing Together is now available for pre-order at the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism. Growing Together is a series of Sunday bulletin inserts prepared by a special writing team for the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism. Produced annually since 1985, GT consists of a set of 5 inserts normally distributed in church bulletins from January to May.

The 2007 GT series is:

1. Hear the Word of the Lord – Prophetic Voices for God
2. The Power of Words
3. When We Disagree: Living with Difference in our Congregations
4. A Muslim Friend I Would Like To Have Known
5. The Spirituality of Travel

GT is distributed as a camera-ready original print for $20 for the series of 5 issues. Purchase of an original print permits you to make unlimited copies for your own use.

Subscribers are encouraged to use the inserts in their church bulletins, although they may choose to use them for study groups or in other ways. Some topics lend themselves to study sessions, and may have discussion questions included. The inserts are numbered, but do not have dates, allowing the subscriber to distribute the material at other times.

Further information is available on the Growing Together page, or from the PCE at 306-653-1633; email .

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