Taizé in Canada in 2006

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Four Canadian cities will host Taizé weekends in February-March 2006: Montreal (10-12 February), Quebec (17-19 February), Ottawa (24-26 February), Toronto (3-5 March). A brother of Taizé will lead the times of prayer, reflection. All of these gatherings, which are designed for young adults between the ages of 17 and 30, are part of the “pilgrimage of Trust” which the Taizé Community in France initiated more than 25 years ago.

In Canada, ecumenical meetings will take place in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto in February with Brother Émile. The program reflects the daily schedule of a visitor to the hill in Taizé and includes discussions, Gospel teaching, shared meals, and prayer with the unforgettable music of Taizé.

The Catholic youth offices in all four cities have invited the Taizé Community for these weekends. The weekend in Ottawa is in response to a joint invitation from the Catholic Youth Office and the Pastoral Office for Students at St. Paul’s University. To find out more about the Taizé Community: www.taize.fr

Montreal, 10 -12 February 2006 — Contact: Denis Bérubé, Service de pastorale jeunesse, Archevêché de Montréal, 2000, rue Sherbrooke ouest, Montréal, H3H 1G4, Tel: 514-925-4300 ext. 216, Fax: 514-931-3432, , www.pastoralejeunesse.ca

Quebec City, 17-19 February 2006 — Contact: Catholic Youth Office, Chantal Chartrand, tel.(418) 688-1211 poste 281,

Ottawa, 24- 26 February 2006 at St. Paul’s University — Contact: Manon Chevalier, tel. (613) 738-5025, poste 219, , www.taizeottawa.ca, or Linda Dupuis, 738-5025 ext. 231

Toronto, 3 March 2006 — Contact: Lecia Kiska, The Office of Catholic Youth, Archdiocese of Toronto, 54 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 3L8, Tel (416) 599-7676; ; www.ocytoronto.org

Accommodation will be possible for those coming from out of town.


In addition to these four meetings, on the invitation of the Catholic youth ministry of Laval University there will be a meeting with a brother: Laval University, Thursday 16 February

On the invitation of the Bishop of Nicolet, there will be an evening of prayer and meeting with young adults of the Diocese of Nicolet and Trois Rivières; 13 February, at the Church of St-Célestin, not far from Nicolet

Sunday 5th March, from 6.00 to 9.00pm — Meeting and Prayer with a Taizé brother in Port Nelson United Church, 3132 South Drive at Rossmore Blvd., Burlington, ON, L7N 1H7. Contact: Don Parsons, 905-637-5631 (ext.2),

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