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 — August 17, 200517 aoüt 2005

To the Brothers of the Community of Taizé
F-71250 Taizé, France

My dear brothers in Christ

We have just learned the sad news of the death of your beloved prior, Brother Roger, in such tragic circumstances, and we hasten to express our sincere and profound condolences. We assure you of our solidarity and our prayers in this time of mourning.

For many years, Brother Roger has inspired to believers in every continent, in every church, to work for the unity of witness which Jesus desired for his disciples. In this context, he always showed a kind interest in the work of the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism, and we will always be grateful for his faithful and constant support. We are especially happy to have the issue 124 of our magazine Ecumenism (December 1996), which he, along with several others among you, helped us to edit in order to enlighten our readers about ecumenical questions, especially your own programs and activities.

On behalf of all our colleagues on the Centre’s Board of Directors and all our fellow-workers, who owe so much to Brother Roger’s untiring inspiration, I beg you, dear brothers in Christ, to accept this modest expression of our sympathy.

Dr Stuart Brown
Executive Director
Canadian Centre for Ecumenism

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