Oasis – al-Waha – Nakhlistan

 — June 30, 200530 juin 2005

The review, Oasis/al-Waha/Nakhlistan, was launched on 7 March 2005 to promote an open and respectful dialogue with Islam, and to support Christian minorities in predominantly Muslim countries. Initially, Oasis will be published twice a year. Edited by a committee of experts from around the world, it is published in four editions: English-Arabic, English-Urdu, French-Arabic and Italian-Arabic. Most of its readers will be in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In addition to scientific articles, Oasis will publish documents, interviews and reports as well as film and book reviews. It will include a photographic service, which, in the inaugural edition is dedicated to life in a Coptic Christian community in Cairo. The cover of the first issue of Oasis, published at the end of February, focused on “Majorities and Minorities.”

The review, an initiative of Cardinal Angelo Scola, patriarch of Venice, is published by the Oasis International Studies and Research Centre, which forms part of the Studium Generale Marcianum, the academic and cultural centre recently set up by the Patriarchate of Venice.

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