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 — January 1, 20051 janvier 2005

The churches in Slovakia have experienced more than a decade of renewal and growth after four decades of living in a political situation that, while allowing the churches to exist, attempted to impede their growth and limit their witness in society. The situation in which this year’s theme: “Christ, the one Foundation of the Church” was developed, is marked by new possibilities for church growth.

The churches in Slovakia have recognized the need to pray for growth in faith marked by unity in service and mutual understanding. Their experience challenges all churches and Christian communities since we, Christians, are co-workers with God, building on the one foundation laid by God, namely Jesus Christ. The foundation has been laid, but the edifice that rises on it depends on the collaborative work of each builder.

The churches in Slovakia invite us, during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity to reflect together as different churches, to ask a blessing for each other, and to see where we can grow together in unity.

To help us plan celebrations in our local communities, Novalis has prepared the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity kit providing resources and printed materials. To order, please call Novalis at (877) 702-7773 ext. 239.

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