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Documentary History of Faith and Order 1963-1993

Documentary History of Faith and Order 1963-1993
Gassmann, Günther, ed.
WCC Publications, 1993
ISBN: 978-2-8254-1101-8

The most important texts, the development of studies, and suggestions for further reading.

The three decades between the fourth and fifth world conferences on Faith and Order (Montreal 1963 and Santiago de Compostela 1993) were a period of important and creative work by the WCC’s commission on Faith and Order. While continuing and deepening ecumenical theological discussions that date back to the first world conference in 1927, several major studies have significantly advanced the search for the visible unity of the church. At the same time, the constituency of Faith and Order broadened, particularly through the full participation in the commission of the Roman Catholic Church. The editor of this book introduces the texts, setting them in their historical context and linking them together. An indispensable reference work and a unique place to rediscover the richness of a generation of ecumenical thinking.