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With a Demonstration of the Spirit and of Power: Seventh International Consultation of United and Uniting Churches
Best, Thomas F., ed.
WCC Publications, 2004
ISBN: 978-2-8254-1395-1

Trenchant reflections on issues which challenge all churches today: the meaning of unity; the imperative of mission; and the church's identity.

The United and Uniting churches are very diverse in their theology and church life, but one in their commitment to making Christian unity visible today. This book forms the official record of the seventh international consultation of United and Uniting churches. In addition to the reflections on unity, mission and the church's identity, the consultation message tackles the crucial ecumenical issue of relationships, calling for fresh and frank dialogue between the United and Uniting churches, their mission and funding partners, and the Christian world communions. A testimony to the vitality of the church union movement and a challenge to all those concerned for the church's unity, life and mission today.