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Christian Perspectives on Theological Anthropology: A Faith and Order Study Document
World Council of Churches, Commission on Faith and Order
WCC Publications, 2005
ISBN: 978-2-8254-1457-6

How can Christians confront today's challenges to traditional understandings of human nature, and respond to the widespread assaults on human dignity and worth?

Anthropology – the understanding of human nature is – a vital aspect of the Christian faith. Christians affirm that human beings are made "in the image of God". We are, each and every one us, of infinite worth, made for life in relationship with God and with each other. But what does that affirmation mean today? The result of a wide-ranging study by the commission on Faith and Order of the WCC, this book brings Christian understandings of the human person into critical conversation with cutting-edge issues from genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence, to poverty and HIV and AIDS, to disabilities and gender identity. The book culminates with "Ten Affirmations on Human Nature", offered as a basis for common reflection and action. A valuable resource for Christians and churches seeking to understand – and defend – the human person in today’s complex and changing world.