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Nature and Mission of the Church: A Stage on the Way to a Common Statement
World Council of Churches, Commission on Faith and Order
WCC Publications, 2005
ISBN: 978-2-8254-1302-9

Reflects what the churches can say together about the nature of the church; identifies honestly the issues which still divide the churches; and offers a framework for the churches in their common confession, life and witness.

What is the church, and what is it for?
For all the remarkable advances in understanding and cooperation among the churches, such questions remain at the heart of the ecumenical movement today. And they are central to the work of Faith and Order, as perhaps the most inclusive and diverse church-based theological forum in the world. Building on the churches' and other reactions to earlier ecumenical work - especially "The Nature and Purpose of the Church" (1998) – this Faith and Order study document is a substantial, new text offered for discussion and response. It will be an important resource for all who care about the nature and mission of the church today.