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Church as Communion
Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission
Church House Publishing, 1991
ISBN: 978-0-7151-4810-5

Church as Communion is the second agreed statement by the second Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC II). It follows Salvation and the Church published in 1987. Unlike previous agreed statements of either ARCIC I or ARCIC II, this document does not touch upon issues which have historically divided the two churches. But behind many past divisions there has lurked the mutual suspicion that Anglicans and Roman Catholics have divergent understandings of the church. This is also true of contemporary issues between the churches such as the ordination of women and questions relating to authority. Official requests have come from both sidesfor expansion of what ARCIC I and II have already said about the church as communion.

This statement does not claim to be a complete agreement about the church. It states a common understanding of the shared life with God and with our fellow human beings which is the mystery of communion -- the church. This is a necessary foundation for further work on authority, and ordination and ministry, already begun by ARCIC I, and to new work on moral and ethical issues.

This statement also shows the degree to which Anglicans and Roman Catholics already share a true but imperfect communion.

Published simultaneously by Church House Publishing (ISBN 0715148109 & 9780715148105) and the Catholic Truth Society (ISBN 0851838235 & 9780851838236).