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A History of the Ecumenical Movement: vol. 3, 1968-2000

A History of the Ecumenical Movement: vol. 3, 1968-2000
Tsetsis, Georges, Hugh McCullum, John Briggs, & Mercy Oduyoye, eds.
WCC Publications, 2004
ISBN: 978-2-8254-1355-5

Volume III continues to follow the ecumenical story to the end of 20th century, reviewing trends and supplying region-by-region accounts of developments in the lives of Christians. Topics addressed include ecumenical initiatives on racism and ethnicity, work for justice and peace within the whole creation, interfaith dialogue and impediments to visible unity of churches. Among the authors of chapters are Martin E. Marty, Melanie May, Michael Kinnamon, Elisabeth Raiser, K.M. George, Richard Dickinson, Israel Selvanayagam, Brigitta Larsson and Emilio Castro.