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Mary for Evangelicals: Toward an Understanding of the Mother of our Lord

Mary for Evangelicals: Toward an Understanding of the Mother of our Lord
Perry, Tim
IVP Academic, 2006
ISBN: 978-0-8308-2569-1

With his feet planted firmly in the evangelical tradition, Tim Perry began to think that there must be more to Mary than generally meets the evangelical eye. Should we maintain that two thousand years of Christian thought on Mary is almost wholly wrong? How could the mother of our Lord, simply by virtue of the fact that she was God's chosen means of the incarnation, not deserve more serious theological reflection? And where might this lead?

Beginning with Scripture, Perry probes the texts and traces the lengthy development of Christian thinking and practice related to Mary. Finally he concludes with a constructive and even surprising theological proposal for an evangelical Mariology that is rooted in, and demanded by, a high Christology.

This book addresses the increasing evangelical interest in Mary and contributes to the current discussion of Mariology in evangelical-Roman Catholic dialogue. Sure to be discussed and debated, this is a book that will leave readers in a different place from where they began.