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Catholics and Evangelicals: Do They Share a Common Future?

Catholics and Evangelicals: Do They Share a Common Future?
Rausch, Thomas P., ed.
Novalis, 2002
ISBN: 978-0-8091-3986-6

This text was previously published in 2000 by InterVarsity Press with ISBN 9780830815661.

An unusual conversation is taking place at the turn of a new millennium. Some Catholics and evangelicals in North America are talking amicably with one another about what they share, where they differ and how they might engage in a common mission within a post-Christian and postmodern society.

This book seeks to move that conversation forward. Thomas P. Rausch and Cecil M. Robeck Jr. explore and assess how the conversation has progressed. Robert L. Wilken and Gerald Bray view the doctrine of salvation historically from within early Christian thought and then from an evangelical point of view. Avery Dulles and Timothy George examine the doctrine of the church in terms of ministry and sacraments and the nature of evangelical ecclesiology. Finally, evangelical missionary David E. Bjork tells his unusual story of ministering within the structure of the Roman Catholic Church in France.

This is a book for those who want to get in on one of the most important theological conversations taking place today.

"This book is an important gift to both Catholics and evangelical Protestants. ... [Here] are serious-and I think quite successful-efforts to get past the long-standing pattern of talking past each other." Richard Mouw, president, Fuller Theological Seminary

"From a reading of the various articles that make up the present book, it is obvious that something of great significance has been taking place in recent years." Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity