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Sharing One Hope? The Church of England and Christian-Jewish Relations. A Contribution to a Continuing Debate
Interfaith Consultative Group of the Archbishop's Council
Church House Publishing, 2001
ISBN: 978-0-7151-5546-2

In the last fifty years, there has been a transformation in the theology and the practice of Christian-Jewish relations. Slowly and sometimes painfully, we are learning to face up to the horrors of the Holocaust, the shameful legacy of anti-semitism, the teaching of contempt for all things Jewish in much of the Church´s history. More positively, Christians are beginning to recognise the Jewishness of Jesus and the New Testament, the continuing vitality of Judaism today, and the positive opportunities that exist for friendship and partnership with Jewish people. This report traces the emerging consensus on all these issues within the Church of England.

Alongside these growing areas of agreement, there remain many questions about which Christians do not agree. How should the relationship between Christianity and Judaism be understood theologically? Should Christians feel that they have a mission to Jews? What about Jewish people who come to belief in Jesus as Messiah? This report also discusses complex issues such as these.

The relation between Christians and Jews over the past two millennia has been described as the longest hatred. This report challenges the Church of England to find hopeful and honest ways to help in transforming that hatred into respect and trust.