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The Vision of the Ecumenical Movement and How It has been Impoverished by Its Friends
Kinnamon, Michael
Chalice Press, 2003
ISBN: 978-0-8272-4006-3

"Kinnamon offers here a trenchant analysis and caring critique of the ecumenical movement. Up-to-date and well-informed, the fruit of long experience, and driven by a deep concern for unity, this book challenges the churches to recover their authentic ecumenical vision. It is essential reading for anyone concerned for the ecumenical movement-and for the church itself-today."
—Thomas F. Best, World Council of Churches

"Kinnamon provides us with a marvelous medley of the debates that swirl around the modern ecumenical movements. He is a master of the conciliar ecumenical documentation and the tensions that plague its development. This document demonstrates how deeply the churches have become connected to one another in ecumenical life, and the distance before them to reach their reconciling goal. It will be an invaluable resource for anyone who loves the Christian faith, its expression in the church, and the hopes for Christian reconciliation."
—Brother Jeffrey Gros, FSC, secretariat for ecumenical and interreligious affairs, United States Conference on Catholic Bishops