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Bringing Churches Together: A Popular Introduction to Ecumenism

Bringing Churches Together: A Popular Introduction to Ecumenism
Goosen, Gideon
WCC Publications, 2001
ISBN: 978-2-8254-1348-7

According to the author, "In order to understand the present, and move confidently into the future, one must have an appreciation of the past." The book therefore deals, in a non-technical way, with the theology and history of ecumenism, explains the origins of the main Christian denominations, gives a brief history of the World Council of Churches, and introduces some of the current issues. Ecumenical ethics and inter-religious dialogues form the subjects of the two final chapters. The author concludes each chapter with questions for group discussion, and ends the book with suggestions for practical ways in which the ordinary individual can promote ecumenism. Several appendices give useful background information. This book is for the average reader or student of theology who would like to be better informed about ecumenism.

"Bringing Churches Together is one of the most helpful introductions to the history, issues, concerns and experiences of the ecumenical movement. The first edition proved to be an invaluable tool for adult education and undergraduate courses, and for church study groups. This enlarged and updated version offers vision and encouragement to all to participate in the search to manifest unity as a witness in a world of contradiction, alienation and division." -- Alan Falconer, Faith and Order, World Council of Churches.

About the Author
Gideon Goosen is Associate Professor in the School of Theology of Australian Catholic University, Sydney, New South Wales.