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Catholic Women in Ministry: Changing the Way Things Are

Catholic Women in Ministry: Changing the Way Things Are
Ternier-Gommers, Marie-Louise
Novalis, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-8950-7839-5

This book is a tapestry of discoveries and insights woven together by Catholic women employed in ministry positions in the Church. Their stories spark a fascinating conversation with the author herself, sharing wonder and joy, frustration and challenge. In the past 40+ years, a virtual explosion of lay people in professional ministry has occurred in the Canadian Catholic Church. The book shares the experiences, questions and insights of about 24 women employed in various ministry positions throughout western and northern Canada. Chapters are organized along several themes such as call and discernment, nourishing the spirit, authority and mandate, collaboration with clergy etc. In candid conversational style and with a sense of wonder in a God of surprising faithfulness the reader is given an inside look into both joys and sorrows of Catholic women ministering in today's changing church. Their contributions are woven into life-size composite profiles of dedicated and courageous women who engage in lively conversation with the author's personal story of ministry.

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