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Feminist Theology with a Canadian Accent: Canadian Perspectives on Contextual Feminist Theology
Beavis, Mary Ann, Elaine Guillemin & Barbara Pell, eds.
Novalis, 2008
ISBN: 978-2-8964-6007-6
Subject: Feminist Theology

An examination of the Canadian feminist theology context, its history, its multicultural perspective, its expression of marginal experiences, its commitment to social justice, its exploration of eco-feminism and its embrace of cultures, ethnicities and the unique contribution of Canada's First Nations peoples.

Includes contributions from: Rev. Michele Birch-Conery, Christina Cathro, Denise Couture, Veronica M. Dunne, Heather Eaton, Jessica Fraser, Michael Gilmour, Monika Hilder, Cathy Holtmann, Gertrude Ann Joksch, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Ellen Leonard, Rev. Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd, Denise Nadeau, Nora Foster Stovel, Christina Vanin, and Jean Waters.