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The Twentieth Century: A Theological Overview

The Twentieth Century: A Theological Overview
Baum, Gregory, ed.
Novalis, 2002
ISBN: 978-2-8950-7015-3

A host of internationally renowned scholars offer their theological assessment of contemporary history. They also look at some of the movements of this century-e.g., globalization, the women's movement, the environment-and assess how these movements and historical events have changed the face of theology. "Only Gregory Baum could have organized such a fascinating set of historical and theological reflections. The essays show once again that we cannot understand theological positions without understanding the contexts in which they grew. All who read this volume-whether theological novices or veterans-will enhance their understanding of this turbulent century and the theologies that came to life in its distinctive contexts." (Terrence W. Tilley, Chair, Dept of Religious Studies, University of Dayton, Ohio)