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Grassroots Ecumenism: The Way of Local Christian Reunion

Grassroots Ecumenism: The Way of Local Christian Reunion
Finch, Karen Petersen
New City Press, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-5654-8493-1

The quest for Christian unity has traditionally been initiated at the international level between official leaders of Christian denominations, with the effects of their dialogue expected to trickle down to local Christian communities. In Grassroots Ecumenism, Karen Petersen Finch upends this process, proposing an approach to Christian unity that begins in your neighbourhood. She draws directly from her experience equipping everyday Christians to know their own Christian tradition more thoroughly and to engage thoughtfully with separated Christians down the street and around the corner.


Karen Petersen Finch makes a compelling case that laypeople can serve the cause of Christian unity in their local settings as skilled theologians. . . a wise, theologically solid--and wonderfully readable--book.
Richard J. Mouw PhD, President Emeritus Fuller Theological Seminary

The rewards of ecumenical dialogue come alive in Dr. Karen Petersen Finch's very engaging book. Through her poignant stories of real encounters and outlines of practical skills that can facilitate breakthroughs, this book will inspire readers toward engagingin ecumenical dialogue.
Patrick Byrne Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Past Director of the Lonergan Institute, Boston College

Practical, charitable, serious but not stuffy, here is a gift to the Lord's people everywhere.
Timothy George Distinguished Professor of Divinity Beeson Divinity School of Samford University and Co-chair, Evangelicals and Catholics Together.

About the Author

The Rev. Dr. Karen Petersen Finch is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and an ecumenical theologian specializing in the Reformed and Roman Catholic traditions. Karen has studied the theological method of Bernard Lonergan, SJ at Gonzaga University and Boston College and has published widely on its application to ecumenical dialogue. Currently, Karen serves as Professor of Pastoral Leadership at The Presbyterian College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and teaches courses on Ecumenism and the Reformed Tradition for McGill University. She also represents the Presbyterian Church (USA) in the Roman Catholic-Reformed Ecumenical Dialogue in the United States.