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Visible Church - Visible Unity: Ecumenical Ecclesiology and

Visible Church - Visible Unity: Ecumenical Ecclesiology and
Tjørhom, Ola
The Liturgical Press, 2004
ISBN: 978-0-8146-2873-7

In Visible Church—Visible Unity Ola Tjørhom explores central questions in current ecclesiological and ecumenical debates from the perspective of an evangelical catholicity of "the Great Tradition of the Church." Tjørhom shows how the fundamental visibility of the Church and the similarly visible nature of Church fellowship is a corrective cover against "invisible" perceptions of these entities. This theme of visibility is developed in view of the sacraments, the ministries, and the mission of the Church.

Visible Church—Visible Unity includes "Chapter 1: Toward the End of the Reformation Project? The Riddle of Protestantism," 'Chapter 2: ‘The Great Tradition of the Church'—An Old Way Forward?" "Chapter 3: The Church—Mother of Faith and Priest of Creation," "Chapter 4: The Goal of Visible Unity—Reaffirming Our Commitment," and "Chapter 5: Life in the Spirit—Toward a 'Materialist' Spirituality."