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To Continue the Dialogue: Biblical Interpretation and Homosexuality

To Continue the Dialogue: Biblical Interpretation and Homosexuality
Kraus, C. Norman, ed.
Cascadia Publishing House, 2001
ISBN: 978-1-9310-3801-0

Many disparate and conflicting voices are addressing the contentious issue of homosexuality. The hope is that this book, rather than heightening the polarization, will begin to build bridges across the factions. The 16 chapters in To Continue the Dialogue raise the question whether the polar alternatives that tend to dominate discussion are the only options the church has for evaluating homosexual behavior. The authors present biblical, scientific, ethical, and pastoral perspectives that may be helpful in the continuing dialogue.

As church and larger world find themselves embroiled in debate over biblical, theological, moral, and cultural-political aspects of same-sex attraction, this book represents a reasoned yet passionate call for all who care about this issue, no matter their perspectives, to join together in sober and prayerful deliberation under continuing guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Authors include Richard A. Kauffman, C. Norman Kraus, Marcus Smucker, David Schroeder, Paul M. Lederach, Melanie Zuercher, Ed Stoltzfus, Lin Garber, Michael A. King, Don Blosser, Carl Keener, Douglas Swartzendruber, James Reimer, Ted Grimsrud, Reta Haldeman Finger, Mark Thiessen Nation, and Carolyn Schrock-Shenk.

Providing a chapter of extensive responses, which initiate the dialogue called for in the book's title, are John A. Lapp, Mary Schertz, RichardA. Showalter, Willard Swartley, Elsie and Donald Steelberg, Elaine Swartzentruber, and George R. Brunk III

"Here are reasoned yet passionate calls for all who care about biblical interpretation, homosexuality, and discerning a way forward to join together, no matter their perspectives, in sober and prayerful deliberation under guidance of the Holy Spirit." - CommonWord bookstore and resource centre