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One Body, One Spirit: Walking in Love

One Body, One Spirit: Walking in Love
Zimmerly, Karen Martens
Faith and Life Press, 1999

Walking in Love is the first of Mennonite Women's two-year Bible study series focusing on the theme, "One Body, One Spirit."

With the realities that are before us as a church, the time is ripe fore exploring the dynamics that unite us as a body of Christ. But no discussion about unity would be complete without an honest look at those things that may cause conflict and disagreement among us. In this study of the letter to the Ephesians, author Karen Martens Zimmerly considers both unity and diversity, and asks us to examine our relationships with one another as together we walk in God's love.

These lessons are designed for personal or group study, in women's meetings, small groups, or Sunday school settings.

Includes 11 lessons