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Called Together to be Peacemakers

Called Together to be Peacemakers
Roth, Willard and Gerald W. Schlabach, eds.
Pandora Press, 2005
ISBN: 978-1-8947-1057-2

Report of the International Dialogue between the Catholic Church and Mennonite World Conference 1998-2003

Series: The Bridgefolk Series

This report of the International Mennonite-Catholic dialogue, is aimed at fostering a healing of memories. This historic event of great significance for Mennonite churches around the world and for the global Catholic Church took place on October 14, 1998 in Strasbourg, France. On that day 14 persons (7 Mennonites and 7 Catholics) gathered around a common table to begin a Catholic-Mennonite dialogue under the theme "Toward a Healing of Memories.