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Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism
Dupuis, Jacques
Orbis Books, 2002
ISBN: 978-1-5707-5264-3

First ed. 1997. New ed. 2002

In this magisterial book, Jacques Dupuis brings together a lifetime of study, reflection, and experience in both Europe and Asia to outline a significant shift in Christian theological understanding of world religious pluralism. The premise of Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism is that the question has shifted from whether “salvation” occurs for members of other religious traditions to how in God’s plan these traditions mediate salvation to their members.

Written with scholarly balance and theological sure-footedness, Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism is a masterwork, a book that is destined to become the classic scholarly analysis of the most important question facing Christian theology in a world of religious diversity.

Jacques Dupuis S.J., a native of Belgium, taught theology from 1948 to 1984 in India. He has been professor of theology at the Gregorian University in Rome, where he directs the University’s journal Gregorianum. He is author of Jesus Christ at the Encounter of World Religions and Who Do You Say I Am?