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Your Word is Truth: A Project of Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Your Word is Truth: A Project of Evangelicals and Catholics Together
Colson, Charles & Richard John Neuhaus, eds.
Eerdmans, 2002
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0508-9
Subject: Scripture and tradition, doctrine of revelation, ecumenical dialogue, Evangelicalism, Roman Catholicism

On the long list of traditional disagreements between evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics is the relationship between scripture and tradition. It is commonly felt there can be no way of getting over or around the fundamental difference between the Protestant principle of "scripture alone" and the Catholic reliance on both scripture and authoritative tradition.

"Your Word Is Truth takes a hard look at this historic rift. The result of intensive discussion by distinguished Evangelical and Catholic theologians, these chapters explore the ways both communions handle scripture and tradition and search for points of contact. While this volume does not claim to resolve all the differences that exist, it does go a long way toward recasting this old dispute in a new and promising light.

Charles Colson
Avery Cardinal Dulles
Timothy George
Thomas G. Guarino
Francis Martin
Richard John Neuhaus
J. I. Packer
John Woodbridge