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Spiritual Values for Earth Community: Updated Edition

Spiritual Values for Earth Community: Updated Edition
Hallman, David G.
World Council of Churches, 2011
ISBN: 978-2-8254-1557-3

First edition: Risk Book series, no. 89 (2000), ISBN-10: 2825413267, ISBN-13: 978-2825413265

Churches and the ecumenical Christian community have been intensely involved in environmental issues and climate change. As the scientific community has come to consensus and public disputes have raged, the churches, church leaders, and the WCC have insisted that the ecological crisis is also, and fundamentally, an ethical and spiritual one. David Hallman's brief, classic text speaks directly to these deeper issues and is here made available in an updated edition. He argues that threats to the earth are largely based in our lifestyles, and that respecting the earth and building sustainable community call us to live out such spiritual values as gratitude, humility, sufficiency, justice, peace, love, faith and hope.