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Evangelicals and Nicene Faith: Reclaiming the Apostolic Witness

Evangelicals and Nicene Faith: Reclaiming the Apostolic Witness
George, Timothy, ed.
Baker Academic, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8010-3926-3

The Nicene Creed is the most universally accepted statement of Christian faith by Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox believers alike. In this volume, top scholars examine the Nicene Creed's connection with the evangelical tradition, presenting evangelicalism as a renewal movement within the one holy catholic and apostolic church. Particular focus is given to the Creed's practical outworking in the life of the church -- its theology, spirituality, worship, and mission. Topics include pastoral work, biblical exegesis, the emerging phenomena, and Christian orthodoxy's revival in the Global South. The book will be useful for students of theology, church history, and spirituality. It will also appeal to pastors, church leaders, scholars, and all who wish to present the traditional Christian faith to twenty-first-century people.


Introduction: The Faith We Confess • Timothy George

1. The Faith Once Delivered: Nicea and Evangelical Confession • Thomas C. Oden
2. The Gospel Promised by the Prophets: The Trinity and the Old Testament • Mark S. Gignilliat
3. The Road to Nicea: The New Testament • Frank Thielman
4. Whosoever Will Be Saved: The Athanasian Creed and the Modern Church • Gerald Bray

5. The Reformers and the Nicene Faith: An Assumed Catholicity • Carl L. Beckwith
6. The Nicene Faith and the Catholicity of the Church: Evangelical Retrieval and the Problem of Magisterium • Steven R. Harmon
7. The Church Is Part of the Gospel: A Sermon on the Four Marks of the Church • Carl E. Braaten
8. Confessional, Baptist, and Arminian: The General-Free Will Baptist Tradition and the Nicene Faith • J. Matthew Pinson
9. Toward a Generous Orthodoxy • Curtis W. Freeman

10. Practicing the Nicene Faith • Elizabeth Newman
11. The Nicene Faith and Evangelical Worship • David P. Nelson
12. Taking in His Coming Down • Kathleen B. Nielson
13. The Will to Believe and the Need for Creeds • John Rucyahana
14. Can the Church Emerge without or with Only the Nicene Creed? • Mark DeVine
15. Life after Life after Death: A Sermon on the Final Phrase of the Nicene Creed • Ralph C. Wood
16. Delighted by Doctrine: A Tribute to Jaroslav Pelikan • Timothy George