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Together in Christ: The Hope and Promise of Christian Marriage

Together in Christ: The Hope and Promise of Christian Marriage
Canadian Council of Churches
Novalis, 2000
ISBN: 978-2-8950-7079-5

Today, many Christian couples preparing to marry come from different churches. An interchurch marriage raises many questions:

• What is my Christian identity?
• What do our churches understand marriage, sexuality and family to be?
• What is Christian discipleship and how can we live this out each day?
• When we speak about Christian marriage, what are we saying about our relationship with God?
• What is our theology of Christian marriage?

This collection of essays from 14 Christian denominations, which contains both theological reflection and practical information, offers a tool to help pastors, couples preparing for marriage (particularly interchurch marriage), and their families to explore together the differences and common understandings of Christian marriage. It may also be used as a springboard for discussion in adult faith study groups in congregations or in ecumenical settings.