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Ecclesiology for a Global Church: A People Called and Sent

Ecclesiology for a Global Church: A People Called and Sent
Gaillardetz, Richard R.
Orbis Books, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-5707-5769-3

Theology in Global Perspective Series (Peter C. Phan, General Editor)

A creative and comprehensive examination of the church, both theologically and in its global context.

Richard Gaillardetz brilliantly captures the dynamics of the church today, both in theological terms (as a people called by Jesus and sent into the whole world), and in social terms (at the juncture in history when Christianity has become a world religion and the church has become a world church). In seven magisterial chapters, Gaillardetz confirms the truth of that saying by theVenerable Bede: “Every day the church gives birth to the church.” Integrating traditional ecclesiologies of the North with emerging insights from Latin America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia, Gaillardetz helps us understand what happens when the church takes cues not just from Scripture and Tradition, but also from women, Asian and African religions, and the challenge of promoting justice and peace in the face of globalization and the environmental crisis.

Richard R. Gaillardetz is the Thomas and Margaret Murray and James J. Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Toledo and the author of numerous books and articles in the fields of ecclesiology and pastoral ministry.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Peter C. Phan
A people called to community
A people sent in mission
A people called to communion
A people called to ministry
A people called to discipleship
A people sustained by memory
A people led by a ministry of memory
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