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Communion, Diversity and Salvation: The Contribution of Jean-Marie Tillard to Systematic Ecclesiology
Flanagan, Brian
T & T Clark International, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-5672-6242-4

The use of the term "communion" is a significant component of much contemporary ecclesiology, but its prominence calls attention to wider questions regarding ecclesiological method. Brian Flanagan addresses the questions of how to charancterize a systematic ecclesiology and the possibility of a systematic communion ecclesiology by investigating the concept of communion in the work of Jean-Marie Tillard, OP. Tillard's theology is notable as the most prominent Roman catholic communion ecclesiology. Flanagan argues, that Tillard contributes to systematic ecclesiology by defining the concept of communion in relation to Christology, soteriology, and theological anthropology as an answer to the contemporaray question of ecclesial unity and diversity. It also analyses the danger of idealism in Tillard's thought and suggests that further engagement with social scientific study of the church will help strengthen, nuance, and critique Tillard's idea of communion.

Table of Contents:

1. Methodology in Ecclesiology
2. Communion in Ecclesiology
3. Jean-Marie Tillard: Method and Themes
4.Jean-Marie Tillard: Communion and Recognition
5. An Evaluation of Communion in Jean-Marie Tillard