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The Bruised Reed: A Christian Reflection on Suffering and Hope

The Bruised Reed: A Christian Reflection on Suffering and Hope
Commission on Faith & Witness
Canadian Council of Churches, 2009
Subject: suffering, hope

More than five years in the making, the Canadian Council of Churches' Commission for Faith and Witness, has published a beautiful theological text on Suffering and Hope. The book stands apart from others in its highly experiential quality. It follows eight real Canadian stories to give rise to a highly experiential encounter with these challenging theological topics. This resource is an invaluable addition to any library.

This pastoral resource is the result of the Faith and Witness Commission's being called upon to give shape and form to a paradox: the paradox of finding hope in suffering and suffering in hope.

The Commission for Justice and Peace has also pulled together a must have resource. It is a First Nations reflection on racism, truth, and reconciliation. You may order both resources through Erin Green, Communications Officer, . A donation of $10 is suggested to cover printing and mailing costs.