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An Introduction to Ecclesiology: Ecumenical, Historical & Global Perspectives

An Introduction to Ecclesiology: Ecumenical, Historical & Global Perspectives
Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti
InterVarsity Press, 2002
ISBN: 978-0-8308-2688-9

What is the church?
What makes the church church?

In this volume, theologian Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen provides an up-to-date survey and analysis of the major ecclesiological traditions, the most important theologians, and a number of contextual approaches that attempt to answer these essential questions.

Drawing on his international experience, global research and ecumenical awareness, Kärkkäinen presents an overview of both traditional and contemporary expressions of the Christian church. An Introduction to Ecclesiology will richly reward the student, pastor or layperson who is looking for a comprehensive and insightful overview of the unity and diversity of understandings and practices within the one church of Jesus Christ.

"Kärkkäinen's critical survey of Christian views of the church comes at a time when interest in ecclesiology is rising. It provides a helpful map through the terrain of diverse interpretations of the nature of the church for those interested in an introduction and a refresher course in doctrines of the church for those who studied it long ago but have forgotten much of what they learned. Above all it contributes to our ecumenical understanding of different Christian traditions. It is a gift to the body of Christ to be enjoyed by Christians who want to understand that body's unity in diversity." (Roger E. Olson, professor of theology, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University)

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Role of Ecclesiology in (Systematic) Theology

Part 1: Ecclesiological Traditions
1. The Church as an Icon of the Trinity: Eastern Orthodox Ecclesiology
2. The Church as the People of God: Roman Catholic Ecclesiology
3. The Church as Just and Sinful: Luteran Ecclesiology
4. The Church as Covenant: Reformed Ecclesiology
5. The Church as the Fellowship of Believers: Free Church Ecclesiologies
6. The Church in the Power of the Spirit: Pentecostal/Charismatic Ecclesiologies
7. The Church as One: The Ecumenical Movement Ecclesiologies

Part 2: Leading Contemporary Ecclesiologists
8. John Zizioulas: Communion Ecclesiology
9. Hans Küng: Charismatic Ecclesiology
10. Wolfhart Pannenberg: Universal Ecclesiology
11. Jürgen Moltmann: Messianic Ecclesiology
12. Miroslav Volf: Participatory Ecclesiology
13. James McClendon Jr: Baptist Ecclesiology
14. Lesslie Newbigin: Missionary Ecclesiology
Concluding Reflections on Leading Ecclesiologists

Part 3: Contextual Ecclesiologies
15. The Non-Church Movement in Asia
16. Base Ecclesial Communities in Latin America
17. The Feminist Church
18. African Independent Churches' Ecclesiology
19. The Shepherding Movement's Renewal Ecclesiology
20. "A World Church"
21. The Post-Christian Church as "Another City"
Epilogue: Ecclesiological Challenges for the Third Millennium

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