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Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue: Unitatis Redintegratio, Nostra Aetate
Cassidy, Edward Idris Cardinal
Paulist Press, 2005
ISBN: 978-0-8091-4338-2

An in-depth examination of the consequences for the relationship of the Catholic Church with other Christian churches and world religions as a result of the decisions made by the Second Vatican Council forty years ago, and presented in the documents Unitatis Redintegratio and Nostra Aetate.

Series: Rediscovering Vatican II
Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue: Unitatis Redintegratio, Nostra Aetate by Cardinal Edward Cassidy
The Church and the World: Gaudium et Spes, Inter Mirifica by Norman Tanner
The Laity and Christian Education: Apostolicam Actuositatem, Gravissimum Educationis by Dolores Leckey
Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium by Rita Ferrone
The Nature of the Church: Lumen Gentium, Christus Dominus, Orientalium Ecclesiarum by Richard Gaillardetz
Evangelization and Religious Freedom: Ad Gentes, Dignitatis Humanae by Thomas Stransky
Religious Life and Priesthood: Perfectae Caritatis, Optatam Totius, Presbyterorum Ordinis by Maryanne Confoy