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God's Reconciling Grace: Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, 25 Years of Ecumenical Leadership, 1984-2009

God's Reconciling Grace: Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, 25 Years of Ecumenical Leadership, 1984-2009
Ratzlaff, Vern, Ursula Wiig, Carol Pek, & Merle McGowan, eds.
Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9813-6350-9
Subject: ecumenism, Saskatchewan, history

The PCE history book, God's Reconciling Grace, was published June 4th, 2009. About 95 pages, with colour and black and white photos and memories of 25 years of work for Christian unity and reconciliation in the region. $12. Order your copy at

A review of the table of contents of the book will indicate the many dimensions of the ecumenical community in Saskatoon. The contents are as follows:

God's Reconciling Grace: Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, 25 Years of Ecumenical Leadership


1. Milestones on the Journey, 1984-2009

2. The Beginnings of Ecumenical Ventures on the Prairies
a) The Formation of the United Church of Canada: the Prairie Connection
b) World Council of Churches, Canadian Council of Churches, Saskatoon Council of Churches
c) Tilling the Soil: Father de Margerie's Reflection on the Origins of PCE, 1959-1984

3. A Brief History of the Centre
a) Centre for Ecumenism, 1984-1988
b) Saskatoon Centre for Ecumenism, 1988-2000
c) Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, 2000-present
d) 2009: Giving Thanks for the Past, Committing to the Future

4. People
a) Directors of the Centre
b) Office Staff & Board Chairs
c) Volunteers
d) Canadian Ecumenical Leadership Award Recipients


1. Snapshots of the Work

2. Regular Activities, Past and Present
a) Growing Together Inserts
b) Beit Avraham: Interfaith Activities
c) Ecumenical Contacts (PEC)
d) Local Church Leaders Group
e) Social & Restorative Justice Work
f) Interchurch Families
g) Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
h) Shared Ministries Bureau
i) Ecumenical Links and Resources

3. Conferences & Special Events
a) Ecumenical Conferences
b) Summer Ecumenical Institute, SK (SEI)
c) Saskatchewan Centennial Celebration
d) Remembering the Children


1. Shared Fellowship, Study & Worship
a) Ministerials
i) Saskatoon Council of Churches
ii) Saskatoon Evangelical Ministers' Fellowship
iii) Women in Ministry
b) Parish Initiatives
i) Holy Spirit/McClure Covenant
ii) Area clusters
Nutana Park Ecumenical Committee
Saskatoon North-End Interchurch Group
St. John Bosco/St. David's Trinity Pastoral Charge/St. George's Anglican
South East Saskatoon Interchurch Group
Two Cathedrals on Spadina Crescent
c) Campus
i) Saskatoon Theological Union
ii) Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry
iii) Ecumenical Chaplaincy at the University of Saskatchewan
iv) Friends of Sophia
d) Inter-Denominational Study Sessions
i) Catholic/Lutheran on Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification
ii) Catholic/United Church on Sin, Reconciliation, and Ecclesial Identity
iii) Catholic/Anglican/Lutheran on Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ
e) Other
i) World Day of Prayer
ii) Prayer Summit
iii) Multi-Faith Saskatoon
iv) Queen's House

2. Social & Humanitarian
a) Saskatoon Friendship Inn
b) Saskatoon Food Bank
c) Sherbrooke Community Centre
d) Refugee Sponsorship Groups
e) Interchurch Uranium Committee Educational Cooperative
f) L'Arche


a) Congratulations, Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, Sr. Anne Keffer
b) Our Walk in Ecumenism, Helen & Ken Saunders
c) Memories of Working at the Centre for Ecumenism, Helen Saunders
d) My Ecumenical Involvement, Elizabeth Nickel
e) Ukrainian Catholic Participation in the Work of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, Andy Dziadyk
f) Reflections of an Interchurch Couple, Bob and Marie Klombies
g) A Tale of Shared Ministry and the Role of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism: Anglican/Presbyterian/Lutheran in Biggar, Cindy Hoppe
h) Holy Family Roman Catholic Parish – Westmount Church (Mennonite): A New Shared Ministry in Saskatoon, Fr. David Tumback
i) The Spirit of Ecumenism Is Alive and Well in This Rural Community: Shell Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada Lutheran, & Ester Kaminski
j) The Christian Faith of the Founders of the City of Saskatoon, Don Balzer