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Christianity and the Religions: From Confrontation to Dialogue

Christianity and the Religions: From Confrontation to Dialogue
Dupuis, Jacques
Orbis Books, 2002
ISBN: 978-1-5707-5440-1

A landmark in the evolving understanding of Christianity's relation to other religious ways.

"A lucid, painstaking, sophisticated yet uncomplicated book by the leading Catholic theologian of religion." —Rev. Peter C. Phan, Catholic University of America

This volume offers new insights on Christian relations with the followers of other religious traditions. Dupuis begins by reviewing the history of the Western Christian tradition's teaching on other religious Ways through the breakthrough at Vatican Council II. He then reviews the critical issues of uniqueness of Christ and Christian proposals to account for the mediation of salvation in other religious Ways, while discussing the relationship between the Reign of God, the Church, and the Religions. Dupuis also explores the nature and role of dialogue in a pluralistic society, and lends sage reflections on interreligious prayer.

Jacques Dupuis, S.J., is professor emeritus of theology at the Gregorian University and of the Vidyajyoti College of Theology, Delhi, India. He is the author of Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism and Who Do You Say I Am?