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Liturgies for Christian Unity: The First Hundred Years, 1908-2008

Liturgies for Christian Unity: The First Hundred Years, 1908-2008
Canadian Council of Churches, Faith and Witness Commission
Novalis, 2008
ISBN: 978-2-8950-7958-3
Subject: liturgy, spiritual ecumenism, week of prayer for Christian unity

Featuring a foreword by the Anglican Archbishop Michael G. Peers, Liturgies for Christian Unity is an anthology of the very best approaches to celebrating common religious ground. Containing prayers and texts from the past 100 years of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, it offers a wide range of ideas for liturgies of all forms and sizes. Its inclusiveness and its usfulness make it a required resource for parishes, retreat centres, chaplains and educators in all manner of situations. This resource is the fruit of rich editorial work by the Faith and Witness Commission of the Canadian Council of Churches, under the guidance and leadership of Rev. Judee Archer-Greene, Rev. Richard Vandervaart and Dr. Mary Marrocco.