Are you considering a mixed marriage?

A mixed marriage is when two people from different religious traditions or faiths marry.  If you are considering marrying someone who has been raised in a different faith tradition, whatever that might be, you should know that this may be a source of pain both for you and your spouse, but also for your families.

Here are some potential problems you will face.  We ask you to examine these questions and discuss your opinions and feelings concerning these issues honestly and openly with your spouse-to-be.

If you don't begin early giving your children a depth of religion, you'll end up with children with no religious identity. Parents who don't lay a religious foundation for their children are making it easy on themselves, not their children.

(Fr. Dohrman Byers, Catholic Update, June 1990)



What is an Interchurch family?

An interchurch family is a particular kind of mixed marriage, which:

(from the book Double Belonging by George Kilcourse)



You live in your marriage the hopes and difficulties of the path to Christian unity. Express that hope in prayer together, in the unity of love.

(Pope John Paul II, 1982)



Here are some points for success:


We, as interchurch families and couples, are here to listen to your fears and concerns. We are willing to share with you honestly how we have struggled with these difficulties in our marriages and families and how we continue to work daily to deal with the new problems each day brings.

We believe that our marriages are not problems, but rather challenges that deepen our faith. What might look like obstacles can actually lead us to real growth in this exciting journey of love together.

Call us. We look forward to meeting with you; having a cup of coffee and sharing our faith stories with you.

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This page was jointly prepared by: Interchurch Families - Saskatoon & the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism.