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 — Oct. 25, 202225 oct. 2022

The Bossey Ecumenical Institute is inviting prospective students to apply for the autumn semester 2023-24. Applicants interested in ecumenical formation at Bossey will explore the opportunity to combine academic and experiential learning within a diverse global cohort.

The deadline is 30 November.

The Ecumenical Institute at Château de Bossey near Geneva, Switzerland is a unique place for ecumenical education. Often called “a living laboratory of ecumenism,” Bossey presents a unique setting for engaging with differences in the ecumenical fellowship of churches, for discovering how to live together in diversity, yet experience a profound sense of unity.

“Ecumenical formation at Bossey combines academic and experiential learning within a diverse global cohort of students,” says Rev. Dr Simone Sinn, academic dean of the institute. “This institute is a unique laboratory for discovering the wealth of diversity and the profound sense of unity.”

The new online application procedure provides detailed information with regard to the required documents for the application. Applicants gather all documents, digitise them, then fill out the form, so that they can upload all the documents into the online platform in one go.

The autumn semester begins each year in mid-September and finishes at the end of January. The following University of Geneva-accredited programs are offered: Complementary Certificate in Ecumenical Studies (one semester), Master of Advanced Studies in Ecumenical Studies (two semesters), Certificate of Advanced Studies in Ecumenical Studies (one semester, part of the continuing education program).

The final submission date is 30 November 2022 for the autumn semester 2023-24

More information on the application process

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