CCC issues revised guide for public interfaith prayer and vigils

 — Oct. 27, 202227 oct. 2022

The Canadian Council of Churches has released a revised version of guidelines first issued 20 years ago following the Swiss Air disaster at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

“Canadians come together when we remember and celebrate special events, and when we grieve and stand together in the face of catastrophes. Religious and spiritual leaders are frequently called on to show solidarity, express a word of hope, honour the divine, and channel our feelings toward justice and peace.”

Churches are regularly invited to organize or participate in a public event involving more than one religious or spiritual tradition. Written from the perspective of Christian communities, the CCC acknowledges that “these principles and guidelines would be usefully complemented by the perspectives of other religious and spiritual traditions.” The document is titled “A Guide for Participation in Public Events Involving More than One Religious or Spiritual Tradition.”

The revised Guide was developed by the CCC’s Christian Interfaith Reference Group (CIRG) and offered as a resource to Christian leaders. The previous version has proven to be quite useful both in planning prayer and vigils on occasions of public need and in stimulating dialogue between faith communities exploring ways to share one’s religious identity in the public sphere.

The four-page Guide is available for download on the CCC resource page. In addition, the CIRG also offers some Considerations for Implementing the Guide. As always, both documents are available in both English and French.

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