ENI to start sharing content with Religion News Service

 — Apr. 21, 200921 avril 2009

Ecumenical News International and Washington-based Religion News Service (RNS) have launched a shared-content agreement to distribute selected stories from each others’ newswires.

Beginning 21 April, ENI subscribers will have access to select RNS religion stories, and RNS subscribers will have access to select ENI stories.

“The agreement between ENI and RNS means both news agencies will now have access to more news relating to global religion,” noted Peter Kenny, ENI’s editor-in-chief. “ENI subscribers will get an expanded coverage of news from RNS playing on its strength in North America, and we aim to enable RNS readers to have greater access to news from ENI’s global correspondent network.”

RNS stories that are included in ENI’s daily output will be designated as ENI-RNS. ENI stories that are included in the RNS Daily Report will be designated RNS/ENI.

“Our agreement with ENI will allow us to provide even more extensive coverage of important religion stories to our subscribers, at no additional charge,” said RNS editor Kevin Eckstrom. “Content-sharing agreements like this are becoming more prevalent, and it makes sense for both RNS and ENI to leverage their relationship, and their commitment to quality religion journalism, for the benefit of all our subscribers.”

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