Oikumene Film Festival

 — June 13, 200613 juin 2006

The Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of Churches USA hopes people will see a new connection between film and theology when it holds its first-ever Oikumene Film Festival to promote further exploration of visual media as a form of ecumenical expression. The festival will be part of the commission’s 50th-anniversary celebration, July 19-23, 2007 in Oberlin, Ohio.

By sponsoring this festival, NCC‘s Faith and Order Commission is actively seeking to engage artist-theologians, and theologian-artists who may not have reflected on ecumenism before. The festival guidelines are intentionally broad, calling for “visual proclamation or reflection” about “the complexity, challenges, joy and beauty of being Christian together.”

The conference itself is a historic occasion commemorating a significant ecumenical event. Focused on the theme, “On Being Christian Together: The Faith and Order Experience in the United States,” the commission will mark a half-century of Christian communities working to strengthen the unity of the Church by engaging one another through dialogue and research on the theological differences that divide our churches. Since its first meeting in Oberlin in 1957, the commission has worked tirelessly to advance ecumenism and to discover new ways to state the core truths of Christian faith together.

Further information is found in the NCC’s press release. For more information about the Oikumene Film Festival, including theological themes, contest rules and entry forms, visit the festival website.

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