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The Bridging Group created in December 2002, is composed of concerned people from a variety of faiths and cultures working to heal racism in Saskatoon. The Group’s mission statement, released on March 20 in Cree, Hebrew, English and French, calls for going “beyond passive tolerance.” Honest dialogue, genuine understanding and the development of caring and compassion toward all are necessary for healing racism, according to the document. The Bridging Group plans events such as a Feast and Round Dance and the use of theatre to foster understanding. Grand Chief Perry Bellegarde agrees that it is time to move beyond simply tolerating those of different faiths and cultures. “Tolerance isn’t really good enough, there has to be acceptance,” he said. Members of the Bridging Group include First Nations and Jewish people, and representatives from the Islamic, Roman Catholic, Hindu and Baha’i communities.


Hundreds of people from a variety of faiths and churches came together to pray for peace at Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa on March 23. It was the first time that religious leaders of different faiths and Christian denominations gathered to offer prayers in the Cathedral, located near the US Embassy. Members of Parliament, civic and police officials were also present. Each representative of the Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Christian faiths offered prayers for peace followed by the lighting of one of the eight large candles positioned behind a globe of the world. The bells of the cathedral rang out at the end of the service, to symbolize the hope for peace in the world.


A meeting of Christians and Muslims, held March 29 at the House of Friendship in Montreal, brought together 100 participants to promote peace through serious recollection, reflection and discussion. From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in this Mennonite Centre, religious songs led by Christian and Muslim youth alternated with brief statements by Muslim, Jewish and Christian speakers. Times of silence and times of prayer, carried out by each with respect for the prayer of the other, fostered a climate of spiritual hospitality among all the participants.

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