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 — June 30, 200230 juin 2002

A Syrian Orthodox nun is currently studying theology and English in Toronto, courtesy of the Anglican Foundation’s Scholarship of St. Basil the Great. Sister Tabitha, 48, is the fourth recipient of the scholarship which was founded by now-retired Bishop Henry Gordon Hill. A member of the sisterhood of St. Jakoboite of Baradaos, Sr. Tabitha is taking courses at the University of Toronto and the Toronto School of Theology. The scholarship exists to enable an interchange of students between the Oriental Orthodox churches, the Assyrian Church of the East and the Anglican Church of Canada. It alternates from year to year: in one year, a student from one of the Eastern churches comes to Canada to study for one year, in the next year, a student in Canada studies for six months in an Oriental Orthodox or Assyrian Church in Canada, then studies overseas for six months.

At the triennial Congress of the International Association for Religious Freedom to be held in Budapest, Hungary from July 28 to August 2, 2002, people representing many faiths will gather from all over the world to strengthen their commitment to religious freedom and build bridges among people. In Canada’s multifaith mosaic, people are learning to live together in tolerance and peace and can make a real contribution to building a world in which those values are respected and sought. It is hoped that there will be a strong delegation of Canadians, reflecting our diverse religious population, at the 2002 IARF Congress in Budapest. For IARF information, contact Satyen Banerjee (604) 271-9283, [].

CTV has appointed its second ethics and spirituality reporter, giving the television network almost half of the total number of full-time faith reporters in Canada. “Religion is one of the great uncovered phenomena of our time,” said CTV senior vice-president for news Kirk Lapointe, “and central to the lives of most of our viewers.” There are five full-time reporters covering religion in Canada.

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